Introducing the new ORCA

Beginning in 2022, the new myORCA mobile app and website will make paying for transit rides in the Puget Sound region faster and easier.

What you need to know

How is ORCA changing?

We’re upgrading ORCA. That means a better payment experience and more choices for managing your account. You will be able to add value to your account in real-time, manage your account from anywhere with the ORCA App and find more retail locations closer to you.

When is this happening?

Beginning in 2022, you can connect your ORCA Card to the new myORCA app or manage your account with our new website.

By Summer 2022, we will be adding more retail locations and launching new versions of the ORCA Card.

What do I need to do?

Customers can use their existing cards to keep using ORCA and use the myORCA app. To learn when next generation cards will be available, or what you need to do if you are a business, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

Have more questions?
Visit our FAQs to learn more.

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We’re building a better ORCA for our customers

  • Manage your account with the new app and website
  • Buy passes and add value in real-time
  • Pay with your mobile device, no card required
  • Find more retail locations closer to you

For businesses, we’re making it easier to manage your transit benefits program

  • Manage your program with our new, improved website
  • Purchase multiple passes and products at once
  • Submit bulk orders for new and existing employees
  • Set up autoloads for recurring purchases

ORCA is for everyone!

  • Income qualified riders can save up to 66% with ORCA LIFT
  • Connect your Youth, Senior or Disabled card to the ORCA app
  • Transit benefit programs are available for businesses
  • We’re adding additional retail locations and more vending machines for your convenience

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